Founder – Psychologist

MS Psychology, MS Yogic Sciences, Certified Regression and Hypnotherapist, Accredited by European Association of Regression Therapists

15 Years Experience in Coaching individuals, families and groups for personal and professional Transformation

Mrs. Asma Begum is a methodical Psychologist with deep experience in counselling, who has been working with people struggling with phobias, loss,grief, trauma, depression, relationship issues, anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, career challenges and resilience. Our ‘Shamank’ is a certified Master in Psychology and Counselling go through extensive rounds of assessment before coming onboard. As the founder of Shamank Foundation, her work is influenced by the philosophy of mending suffering minds on the basis of which she has committed to create an optimistic effect in the society, by offering psychological solutions recognizing the importance of mental well being.

As the name itself bears a ‘healing’ sense in it, Shamank Foundation is one of the top-notch Psychiatrist in Chennai. Our Pro Psychotherapist with years of field experience has been helping heal many suffering minds through her fine Therapy and Counselling sessions. We operate through state-of-the-art practices and scientific methods to heal mental issues.

Most people tend to ignore that mental well-being is an integral part of our overall health and suffer from diseases such as anxiety, depression, marital strife,loneliness, work stress and more. This has affected even the children in our society who could be having some severe mental health issues like getting bullied in their school, exam phobias and can even extend to eating disorders. Likewise, there are working professionals who might be going through a lot of stress, and not able to maintain a balance between personal life and professional, or even finding it difficult to cope with their assigned job role.

It is up to us to break this stigma and understand that having mental health problems are just as normal as having physical health troubles, like an infected stomach or a broken bone. So, take advice from experts to understand that these issues are completely curable and deal with it compassionately.

At Shamank Foundation, we provide a diverse range of solutions to help patients treat their mental health issues, through psychological and emotional support. Some of our wide range of techniques and treatments that we use to help our patients with mental disorders are globally recognized methods which have proven to be a booming success. Dominant ones are Psycho Therapeutic Interventions like Behaviour Therapy (BT),Parental and Child Counselling, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Couple Therapy, Stress Management, Grief Therapy, Cognitive Rehabilitation, and Lifestyle Modifications and Behaviour that are very effective in treating psychological health issues. Above all this, we have highest esteem for our patient’s privacy and even the minute details of the therapy sessions are kept confidential.

Shamank Foundationrenders first-rate services that includesmarital counselling,adult psychotherapy,child and adolescent psychotherapy, geriatric psychotherapy,family therapy,child psycho education assessment, stress management workshops and other mind healing therapies.

We also have intriguing programs for Schools, Colleges, Institutions and Corporate, under which we facilitate a wide range of psychological counselling and comprehensive wellness services that help their students/employees overcome various work life challenges such as anxiety, stress, performance issues etc, and thus perform much better in their daily roles.

Mental Well-being is significant in every aspect of life, and compromising with its fitness in any way is going to cost you your physical wellness. Treating it at a right time prevents other complications and diseases that eventuallybecomes a life-threat. Hence it is our strong recommendation to all those individuals, who suffer from any kind of mental disorder to seek the help of a professional ASAP. Our experienced psychologist’s approach of treatment employs assessment and diagnosis to gain a correct understanding of one’s mental illness deal with it intrinsically. This is the soul essence of the healing process and forms a crucial basis for contriving apertinent treatment plan.Our personalized therapeutic intervention executed to assist all the needy clients individually for effective social functioning.