Whatever be your goal – Normalize Blood Sugar levels, Reduce Blood Pressure, Normalize Hormonal functions – Individualized course plans based on Yogic Principles can offer holistic management solutions.

Yoga has been the subject of research in the past few decades for therapeutic purposes for modern epidemic diseases like mental stress, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Individual studies report the beneficial effect of yoga in these conditions, indicating that it can be used as a nonpharmaceutical measure or complement to drug therapy for the treatment of these conditions.


Yoga Therapy utilizes the principles of Yoga for restoring health and vitality.

Yoga Therapy is not Yoga. 

Just as one takes healing sessions for Reiki or Acupuncture. sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis. It takes around six weeks to develop and stabilize on a course plan that will suit. 

There are two major differences as compared to other modalities like Reiki, Pranic Healing, etc.

1. The body is involved in the process. Hence the deeper unconscious healing happens naturally. It is also safe. There is no imagination.

2. There is self-empowerment because one learns to heal oneself as one works on his own body and mind in an integrated manner to achieve goals. After a certain period, one need not be dependent on an external source for healing.


Yoga Therapy is a personalized course plan that utilizes the principles of Yoga, with three major goals:

A.. Stop the progression of Conditions – both physiological and Psychological 

B. Protect the health of vital organs

C. Enhance and Restore Vitality in the system

Since each individual has a unique psychological, physiological make-up; Yoga therapy accounts for this in addition to the overall life goals.

Yoga Therapy progressively helps the individual learn and apply conscious movement and postural changes, breathwork, energy management processes, and practices to still the mind to achieve the goals of disease management. The individual learns to enhance the innate life energy in the body

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