Psychiatrist in India: Your Key to Mental Health Wellness

If you are someone who is dealing with a mental sickness such as anxiety, depression, OCD and any other mental sickness then you should not ignore it because it can turn out to be something very dangerous. Whether you’re in India or anywhere else, Consulting a psychiatrist can be one important decision that one should make as they can provide peace to your mind really quickly. Good mental health is as important as good physical health. 

At Shamankgyan Clinical Psychiatrist as the best psychiatrist in India, we provide the best solution with 100% confidentiality as we have experts who have gained years of experience in the same field. Our huge amount of experience is one of the reasons we have many satisfied clients. 

Just because you will not notice the result immediately doesn’t mean that treatment for mental well-being is any joke. You should never ignore your mental health at any cost. When you hire us, you should have no doubt that you are going to be happy again. 

At Shamankgyan Clinical Psychiatrist, we offer a comfortable and safe space to you so that during the treatment you can feel comfortable. We have professionals and trained psychiatrists who will help your journey for better mental health easy and comforting. 

Choose the Best Online Psychiatrist in India: Reach Out Today!

There are many reasons to choose Shamankgyan as the best online psychiatrist in India but some of the major reasons are that you should not wait but reach out to us. The reasons are mentioned below.



STRESS & ANXIETY Social anxietyPhobiasCaregiver stressFinancial stress


MILD TO MODERATE DEPRESSION Grief workDealing with lossSelf-esteemPostpartum depression


Marriage/ relationship issuesDealing with breakupMaintaining individualitySeparation/divorceFamily concerns

Why Choose Shamankgyan Clinical Psychiatrists for Online Consultation in India

There are many reasons that you should choose us but our experts in mental healthcare are one of the prime reasons people have believed in us. Other important reasons to choose us are mentioned below. 


  • Holistic mental health services: Integral mental health services include online or in-person psychiatry and therapy, as well as self-care resources and community support.


  • Scientifically grounded: The mental health care solutions we offer are grounded in clinically established techniques and scientifically proven treatments.


  • Tailored support: We create treatment programs specifically for you, ensuring that you receive the proper care when you need it.


  • Support available around-the-clock: Our mental health services and offerings are available seven days a week, from anywhere in the world.
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Mrs. Asma Begum Founder – Psychologist

Mrs. Asma Begum is a methodical Psychologist with deep experience in counselling, who has been working with people struggling with phobias, loss, grief, trauma, depression, relationship issues, anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, career challenges and resilience. Our ‘Shamank’ is a certified Master in Psychology and Counselling go through extensive rounds of assessment before coming onboard. As the founder of Shamank Foundation, her work is influenced by the philosophy of mending suffering minds on the basis of which she has committed to create an optimistic effect in the society, by offering psychological solutions recognizing the importance of mental well being.